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Frequently Asked Questions

You can select the best phonecard by using our Phonecard Finder. All you need to do is to select the country you wish to call and we will recommend you the best option.

Dial the Access number for your area (or the Australia wide numbers)

Select your language
Dial your PIN followed by #
Follow voice prompts to make a call

To make an international call dial 00 + 11 + country code + phone number

All Hello Communications calling cards have an expiry period to use the credit. Credit expiry date varies depending on value of pre-paid phone cards, please check the reverse side of your cards for expiry date otherwise contact our Customer Service Center on 1300 736 900

If your calling card is expired, you will need to recharge your calling card before a call can be made.

You can find a list of Access numbers simply by clicking HERE.

Some phonecards have one fixed (24 hour) call rate, others have peak and off peak rates. The fixed rate means that whatever time you call the rate remains the same. Other phonecards charge more during peak times and less during off peak hours. If a phonecard is off peak you should check when the off peak calling times are applicable.

Recharging your phonecard is easy and it means you can keep the same PIN number and phonecard features you have registered for! You can recharge your phonecard online or you can ring our customer service phone number and recharge over the phone. For either of these options you will need your credit card to make the payment.

Our Customer Service Representatives are very helpful. Our Australia customer service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For assistance please call 1300 736 900.

Unfortunately not. To dial the access number your mobile phone service provider will charge you that connection fee, therefore you will need credit.

This is the rate per minute charged to make a call. If the call rate is low you should look to see what other charges there are they may increase the cost of making a call such as a connection fee or service fee.

A connection fee may be charged for every phone call that is connected. A phonecard with a connection fee may have a lower per minute rate but the cost of the connection fee may use up the value of the phonecard more quickly.

A service fee may be applied to your phonecard every day or every two days or even weekly. It will usually start from the date of the first call you make and will continue until the value of the phonecard expires.

All phonecards are changed in incremental billing periods or blocks. The size of these blocks vary. Some phonecards charge in one minute blocks/increments, 2, 3, or 4 minute blocks etc. If a phonecard has 3 minute blocking and you make a 4 minute call you will be charged for 6 minutes. If you want to make several short calls with your phonecard pick one with low blocking periods (1 or 2 minutes) if you want to make one continuous call then pick one with higher blocking periods, but make sure you are aware of what they are. If you can't get though or a answering machine picks up make sure you disconnect the call straight away.

Calls to mobile phones will usually have a more expensive call rate so if you are planning to call a mobile phone you need to check if it is charged at the listed call rates or whether it will cost you more.

Some cards will also round up the cost of each call to the nearest 1c or 5c.